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Since (and probably long before) the legend of Oedipus Rex, the most despicable deed that a man is capable of is generally considered to be the act of having sexual intercourse with his own mother, therefore a M.F. is the worst thing you can call a man.

There are various thoughts which can be added to this:

King Oedipus himself committed the crime innocently - he had no prior knowledge that the woman he loved was his mother, nor that the man the he murdered was his father.

Freud based large amounts of his theory of psychiatry on what he called the Oedipus Complex.

"M.F." has become a term of affection or even a compliment among some social groups, i.e. no longer the ultimate insult.

The great American musical humourist Tom Lehrer wrote a rousing song about Oedipus Rex ("'ve heard about his strange comPLEX"), including the lines "He loved his mother/ Like no other./ His daughter was his sister and his son was his brother..."
Submitted by Simon Beck (London - England)

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Ken G – September 13, 2004
Submitted by Ken Greenwald (Fort Collins, CO - U.S.A.)
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