shy (the verb) / shying at shadows

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Re: shy (the verb) / shying at shadows

Post by Wizard of Oz » Wed Dec 22, 2010 3:50 pm

.. Erik one thing you have never seemed to be able to come to grips with is that members who visit this site, provided they do so in an unaggressive way, are entitled to disagree, imply, amend, disallow, disavow, argue .. and many other actions .. with any suggestion made by anybody for any reason that they think applies in what they believe .. NOBODY has the supreme right to go unchallenged .. now it may be that one of them is wrong .. that what one of them is saying is a whole load of bunkum .. that what one of them believes is open to question BUT the fact remains that I CAN imply what I like provided I am NOT doing so in a victimizing or socially unacceptable way .. Erik I may be wrong but that is for all the others to decide but I do have the right to say what I believe to be the case .. isn't that the great American ideal of free speech in action ?? ..

.. go and check out other linguistic discussions sites and see the freedom they allow for in-fighting and see how many regular members they have posting on a regular basis .. I choose to come here but I will not be dictated to in what I am allowed to imply, or say, or discuss, or disagree with .. I may be considered one of the lesser lights, one of the alsorans and by some a nobody .. but I feel I have the right to contribute and to challenge where I feel things NEED to be challenged .. And at times I often feel I have the correct point of view in counter to the big guns .. learn to live with it ..

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Re: shy (the verb) / shying at shadows

Post by Erik_Kowal » Wed Dec 22, 2010 4:25 pm

For the record, WoZ, I don't consider you a lesser light, also-ran or nobody. But you do have me shaking my head at your inability to take the slightest criticism or questioning of your assertions graciously. You also seem to be intentionally overlooking the fact that what I find objectionable is your unjustifiable imputation that I was arbitrarily making up definitions like many of the Urbandictionary contributors rather than drawing inferences based on the evidence contained in Ken's citations.
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Re: shy (the verb) / shying at shadows

Post by Edwin F Ashworth » Wed Dec 22, 2010 6:55 pm

I've just realised what the Ossie version of moving the goalposts is !!! And some would say it's not cricket. Why can't they just pinch the best players from other countries, like England do?

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