the threat of

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the threat of

Post by azz » Mon Sep 23, 2019 12:23 am

a. Moving the queen to d4 carries the threat of a check on c5.
b. The threat of moving the queen to d4 is a check on c5.

Are the sentences grammatically correct?

The context is chess. If the queen is moved to the square d5, then the next move might be queen to c5 and that move will put the opponent's king in check. In other words from d5 the queen can go to c5 and deliver a check. That is the threat.

I think (a) works. Not sure about (b). 'The threat of... ' in my experience usually means 'the threat that is....'. In (b) however, it is the threat that something carries. Moving the queen to d4 is not a threat, but it carries one, namely a check on c5.

I think 'the threat in' would work better instead of 'the threat of'.

Many thanks.

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