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Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2001 6:32 pm
by Archived Topic
Dear (fred, gary etc)
We on the ameneties committee are trying to raise cash for a new BarBQ down at the fishing lake.
Gerrry Hoyle has said he will put his hand in his pocket for $100 bucks if we can raise another $200 between us. If you each put in $10 we should make it.
I think this is a cool idea and worth all our support. As you know the lake is OK in summer but there is no place for to grill a few steaks.
If we raise more we could perhaps build one with a shelter.
What dya think guys?
By the way please could you all tell me if you intend to renew your annual membership - I need ot know by Friday.
Submitted by james ruddick (Akron - U.S.A.)