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Any good writings on Ceylon's Colonial Planter's Life?

Posted: Tue Jul 25, 2006 8:35 am
by reader001
I like to hear of well written BRITISH fiction/non fiction on Ceylon's Colonial Planters and/or their lives (Tea Plantations, that is). Even recent works. Or even specifically written chapters on this topics in other fiction/non fictions. If what I ask for is tall order, at least writings with an adventerous bent would really be welcome!! (Note: NOT Leonard Woolf)

For the uninitiated, the planters in Ceylon were BRITISH. And Ceylon (now called Sri Lanka) is a post colonial country with British being the last to rule till 1948...This is the island located south to Indian continent.

Please also write to me if you were a then British planter in Ceylon, or a descendant of them (preferably WITH Ceylonese Hill Country memories!)