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Posted: Sat Apr 04, 2020 11:45 pm
by Bobinwales
Once upon a time a man was shipwrecked alone except for a pig and a dog on a desert island.
After a while they were quite comfortable and able to take some time to relax.
One of their favourite times of the day was the amazing sunsets which they watched from the beach.
On one such evening the man felt a stirring that he hadn't felt for some time and he moved towards the pig and put his arm around her.
The dog saw this and was not happy. It growled and showed his teeth and made it obvious that he did not approve of the man's actions.
Over the months the man, the pig and the dog got on with keeping alive. Then one day a beautiful woman was washed up on the sand.
The man nursed her back to health and fitness. One evening, the man suggested that they all go down to the beach to watch the sunset.
They sat and were enthralled at the loveliness of it all. The man once again felt that stirring and after a while he leaned over to the woman and said, "Would you like to take the dog for a walk?".