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Hot water

Posted: Sun Jul 24, 2005 4:17 am
by Erik_Kowal
A businessman injured his leg skiing one weekend. By the time he got home on Sunday, his leg was very swollen and he was having trouble walking, so he called the family physician to his house. The doctor told him to soak his leg in hot water. But the leg continued to swell up and grew even more painful.

His maid saw him limping and said, "I don't know, I know I'm only a maid, but I always thought it was better to use cold water rather than hot to get rid of swelling." So on her advice, her employer switched to cold water, and the swelling and the pain both rapidly subsided.

On Monday morning the man called his physician.

"Hey, what kind of doctor are you anyway? After you told me to soak my leg in hot water it got a lot worse. Then my maid told me to use cold water, and it quickly got better."

"Really?" answered his doctor. "That rather surprises me; my maid has always recommended to use hot water."