The watermelon farmer

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The watermelon farmer

Post by Erik_Kowal » Fri Jul 15, 2005 2:53 am

A farmer who grew watermelons was doing pretty well.

There was only one cloud on his horizon, in the shape of some local kids who regularly sneaked into his watermelon patch at dusk and ate the new fruit as soon as it was ripe.

After some intensive thought, the farmer came up with a plan that he felt was sure to scare the children away. Accordingly, he made up a large sign and planted it by the edge of the field where it could easily be seen.

Late the following evening the children showed up as usual. They were about to carve up their chosen watermelon when they spotted the farmer’s notice. They read: "WARNING! One of these melons has been injected with rat poison!"

The kids were quite shocked, and they ran off without disturbing the crop. By next evening, however, they had made up a sign of their own, which they hammered into place beside the farmer's.

The following lunchtime, the farmer arrived to look over his field, as he did every day. He could see that for the second morning running, no melons were missing, but soon noticed the new sign that now stood next to his. Walking across to it, he read: "Now there are TWO".
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