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Synonyms of the word "reconcile"

Posted: Wed Jan 02, 2002 5:34 am
by Archived Topic
My husband is looking for derivations of the word "reconcile" for inclusion in a sermon which he is giving this Sunday, June 27! Any contributions would be gratefully received. He is a Gideon. Thanks!
Submitted by Jacqui Graham (Burns Lake - Canada)

Synonyms of the word "reconcile"

Posted: Wed Jan 02, 2002 5:49 am
by Archived Reply
Due to the religious implications, I'm assuming you are refering reconcile's "to make peace" definition. Here are some synonoms from

accommodate, accord, accustom, adjust, appease, arbitrate, arrange, assuage, attune, bring together, come together, compose, conciliate, conform, cool, coordinate, fit, fix up, harmonize, integrate, intercede, make up, mediate, mitigate, pacify, patch up, placate, propitiate, proportion, reconciliate, rectify, reestablish, regulate, resolve, restore harmony, reunite, settle, suit, tune, win over

Reply from Matty Whipple (Tucson - U.S.A.)