Words and the brain

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Words and the brain

Post by tony h » Mon May 21, 2018 9:21 pm

A couple of links here (one short video and one pdf). These have come about from trying to find out about Asperger's and Autistic brains. One clear difference, shown up on fMRIs (functional MRI scans), that where Aspies process language differs markedly from where Neuro-Typicals process language.

Sorry about the awful "music" but an interesting-ish video on where the brain stores words.

This, also, you may find interesting (I haven't finished reading it yet as I have sent it off to the printers - yes, I send them off and get them bound as a booklet so that they work better on the shelf). It talks about how the brain is observed to process language differently in Autists and Neuro Typicals.

https://www.bu.edu/autism/files/2010/03 ... 06-BC1.pdf
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