Re-Membering Plato

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Re-Membering Plato

Post by spiritus » Wed Jul 13, 2005 8:06 am

Our question is posed in "platonic" form.

An agreement as to what the definition of Platonism entails, may be derived from Webster's explanatory offering:
the philosophy of Plato stressing especially that actual things are copies of transcendent ideas and that these ideas are the objects of true knowledge apprehended by reminiscence.
What is the earliest etymology, meanings, and most importantly; the linguistic anthopological associations of the words; "think" and "reason"?

Lets begin from the "think" we know, which is from, Latin tongEre meaning "to know". From here, we should look backward.

Do the same with "reason", going back from the late Latin ratio, meaning "computation", which is from early Latin's reri; Webster's extended definition being: "the proper exercise of the mind".
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