Privacy statement and terms of use

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Privacy statement and terms of use

Post by Forum Admin » Fri Dec 31, 2004 6:13 pm


In order to actively use these forums (i.e. to submit postings rather than just view existing content), users are required to provide a username, password and email address. We will use your email address to validate your registration. However, we will never pass on your email address to third parties unless required by law, or to allow anyone but the administrator or moderators of this site to email you unless you answer 'yes' to the question "Allow Forum Members to Send you E-Mail?" at the time of registration (by default, the answer is set to 'no'). If we email you it will either be about a technical matter, or it will be to transmit information that is directly relevant to this site.

Remember that all information that is disclosed in the forum areas becomes public, and it is your responsibility to take due care when you make decisions about sharing personal information.

Cookies must be turned on in your browser to enable you to use these forums. They are used to remember your login name and password and to automatically log you in when you next visit the Clubhouse. The cookie also records the time of your last visit in order to allow the 'Active Topics' function to work properly. It serves no other function.

The software used has the facility to track user activity on this site, but this facility is not generally enabled. If the site administrators choose to activate it for any users, those users will be notified of the fact when they visit the site.

Offensive or inappropriate material

Any user who objects to material that is posted by another user is encouraged to contact us via email. Equally, you authorize us to remove or modify any statements or postings submitted by you to these forums for any reason that we consider valid or appropriate, or to disable your access to the forums altogether.

Postings in these forums may contain links to other websites over whose content we have no control, and you click on such links at your own risk. We will, however, remove links to sites or material that we consider inappropriate if we are made aware of them.

Please note that because no word or phrase is ruled out of bounds for discussion, some postings will inevitably include references to sexual behaviour or swearing. Do not proceed if you are liable to be upset by encountering such references.

Use of copyright material

Copyright laws restrict the unauthorised reproduction of material owned by others. This includes website material. However, the principle of 'fair use' allows for moderate quoting that includes the identity of the author and states where the material comes from. This is relevant in relation to such things as etymological explanations that first appeared in dictionaries or other websites and are subsequently cited here.

This is not intended to be an authoritative statement of the legal position, which is complex. We suggest in the first instance that you apply ordinary common sense if you wish to include other people's work in your postings. If you are in doubt, either do not post it or keep it as brief as possible.
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